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The BFSI sector is the lifeline of any country’s financial system. Indian banking and financial services industry has witnessed a rapid transformation in the recent past, with globalization pacing up this evolution. While new avenues have opened up in the sector, it also faces a few challenges such as regulatory risks, fierce competition, technological maintenance & enhancement, and lack of a competent workforce.

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Compliance gaps because of the ever-changing regulatory framework. Continuous learning process needed to keep the workforce compliant.


Need for personalized “selling skills” training or training the feet-on-street distributed salesforce. Ex: Insurance agents.



Meeting satisfactory training standards by ensuring all employees complete their courses properly on time.

Ensuring effective training and retaining staff engagement, given the overwhelming amount of information in BFSI.


Oust Solution

User Engagement Courses

We help our clients in converting potential customers and retaining existing one by offering user engagement service as per their tailor made requirements. Oust offers fin-tech platforms to engage It's end users through a free-of cost mobile learning courses related to finance. The course comprises learning micro-modules, quizzes, loyalty coins, nudging and certificates as per the tailor made needs.

Event Based Training

Oust app offers a feature called ‘Trigger-based Learning’, where a particular call to action is made based on certain triggers or events. The management can set employee rating, number of deliveries or any other parameter as an event, and for example, if the employee rating falls below the set limit, the user is prompted to go through a video or a course to improve.



Increase in productivity


New hires trained in 6 months


Reduction in training cost


Regulatory compliance gaps


Better Efficacy


Completion rate of modules & courses


Engagement on Oust platform


Minutes of Engagement in one year

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