With the evolution of technology and an increase in consumerism all over India, e-commerce is riding the high tide in online business. Easy access to the internet via mobile devices coupled with increasing confidence of the customers in online purchasing is leading the way. Because of this, an increasing number of people are registering on e-commerce websites and purchasing products through the use of cell phones.


High worker churn rate poses a major challenge to the e-commerce industry as employees leave with their knowledge & experience.


Meeting staffing needs (ex: distribution & warehouse workers) is a struggle during seasonal peaks in labour demand as seasonal workers also require training.



Effective labour management is tricky as most fulfilment centres and warehouses rely on manual labour, which has to be cheap to be profitable.

A seamless supply chain is critical to e-commerce businesses which demands an adequate supply of skilled labour at all times.


Oust Solution

Gamified Course Journey

While doing a course, the Oust platform leads the user through a gamified ‘course journey’ with different levels, where he can’t progress to a higher level without having completed all the previous levels. This ensures higher effectiveness of the courses.

Trigger Based Learning

Oust app offers a feature called ‘Trigger-based Learning’, where a particular call to action is made based on certain triggers or events. The management can set employee rating, number of deliveries or any other parameter as an event, and for example, if the employee rating falls below the set limit, the user is prompted to go through a video or a course to improve.



Increase in productivity


New hires trained in 6 months


Reduction in training cost


Minutes of learning


Better Efficacy


Completion rate of modules & courses


Engagement on Oust platform


Minutes of Engagement in one year

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