Do you charge any setup fee?

Yes, we do charge a one-time setup fee.

How easy is it to get started with Oust?

We can get you setup and running in 1 day or less. Because, we allow you to customize the app experience, it takes a day or two. Otherwise, we can get you started in 30 mins or less.


What is the pricing model?

Pricing varies based on the number of enrolled users and features requested by the client. We are a typical Saas company and charge for end user licenses. We also charge a one time setup and customization charge. Dont hesitate to write to biz@oustlabs.com


Does Oust also provide content for employee training?

Yes, we have our internal creative services team that creates content for clients. We have full fledged capability to create videos, training modules, assessments as well as provide content strategy consulting for our customers.

Will I get an analytics report?

Yes, we provide detailed analytics report on user behavior. Please find attached report for reference.

Does Oust nudge the users for behavioural change?

We use tech as a nudging tool, there is a lot of gamification and also we send reminders to the users in the form of notifications, emails etc.

Which platforms can I use to access the services of Oust?

Oust Labs services are available on iOS, Android and Web App.

What is Trigger based learning / Event based learning?

We can preset the trigger points (events) on the Oust app and on the basis of these trigger points, course and assessments will be automatically delivered to the user.

How do I create users/user groups on Oust platform?

On Oust platform, users and user groups can be created in two ways, either by directly entering user details on the platform or by uploading data from an excel file.


Does Oust integrate with third party apps?

Yes, we use SDK integration to integrate with third party apps as it offers prebuilt functionality which facilitates easier and faster integration.

Security & Privacy

Will my data be private and safe?

We take data security, safety and privacy very seriously. All data is encrypted and stored on the cloud. Every customer has a separate DB as well - so their data is not mixed with other tenants.


Can I get a free trial?

Please drop us a mail at biz@oustlabs.com requesting a free trial. We would be delighted to work with you.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

Oust Labs provides standard customer support through phone, chat, and e-mail. We can also provide a fully managed operations along with content development, with custom SLAs for enterprise customers.