5 Books Every High School Student Must Read

Did you know that India has the largest population of readers in the world? The ratio of hours per week per person is 10:42—which is a brilliant number to state in comparison with other nations across the globe.

Even though this figures states that the book culture is strong in our country, there are other surveys that proved otherwise. According to the 2010 National Youth Readership Survey, only 74 per cent of the Indian youth are literate, out of which around 25 per cent tend to be regular readers.

Yes, the numbers are shocking but there’s always scope to spread awareness about how important it is to read regularly. And that counts both fiction and non-fiction. Books form an integral part of a student’s life as they offer a plateful of information, ideas and answers.

Since listing fiction is subjective, let us take a look at 6 non-fiction books that every high school-going student must read:


1. On the Origin of the Species

Author: Charles Darwin

Publisher: John Murray | Pages: 502

Published in 1859, “On the Origin of the Species” is a classic tale of evolution that offered the common man an alternate history of human life. Darwin stated that man evolved from ape-like ancestors through the process of natural selection—instead of randomly appearing on Earth in their current state.

This book changed the way people understand their place in the world forever. And although, other naturalists had been talking, debating and discussing about the so-called ‘idea’ of evolution for decades, Darwin was the first one to tell a rather interesting story about the origins of a human being that grabbed plenty of eyeballs.

2. Physica (Physics)

Author: Aristotle (circa 330 BC)

With this book, Aristotle opened the door to the empirical sciences (science based on evidence) for the first time. According to him, the Earth was placed at the center of the universe, which in turn, was a complete, systematic set of nested spheres. He also concluded that the way things move on Earth is different on the heavens—which was a wrong presumption, by the way!

Despite a few wrong conclusion and observations, this book on the nature of change, time and motion presented a structured way of the world. This book, written almost two millennia ago, provided a foundation to conduct modern scientific research.


3. Dr. Ambedkar’s Life and Mission

Author: Dhananjay Keer

Publisher: Popular Prakashan | Pages: 532

Dr. BR Ambedkar is widely regarded as the leader of Dalits in India. He was a modern thinker, a social reformer, a true patriot and the chief architect of Indian Constitution. In short, he was an extraordinary human being who achieved a lot despite personal perils.

Image Credit: Google Books

“Dr Ambedkar’s Life and Mission” is a brilliantly written biography that talks about the life of this jurist, politician and social reformer at length. Did you know he inspired the Modern Buddhist Movement along with campaigning against the social discrimination of Dalits? Yes, he did.

Known for being a well-read person, Dr. Ambedkar’s arguments were based on pure, sound logic. We are sure that after you reading this piece of literature, you will be in awe of his intellect.

4. The Child And the State in India

Author: Myron Weiner

Publisher: Princeton University Press | Pages: 232

India is home to one of the largest number of non-school going children in the whole world. The author suggests that it’s not only the folly of policies within the system but also the culture itself. The book provides a major comparative analysis about why and when other states have intervened to protect children against parents and employers from turning into a labour force. It’s a tough read but it offers a completely new perspective on child labour prevalent in our country. You should definitely give it a read.

Image Credit: Amazon


5. Karnataka CET Explorer – Engineering and Medical

Please note that these are two books from the same publisher, MTG, and is apt if you are targeting top engineering and medical colleges of Karnataka. Apart from exam details and pattern, the books contain 10 model test papers and CET medical / engineering papers of the last 20 years along witgh a detailed Key Soultions.

While we believe that hard work is the only way to succeed, we also think studying smart with OUST is the way you need to take! Be it your regular study routines or preparations for KCET, just download the app and assess your preparation on the go.

Hope we’ve given you some inspiring literary goals. Happy Reading!

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