6 online courses a student must take!

Today’s generation is proactive when it comes to academics. Students don’t mind making an extra effort to fine tune their concepts through different methods. Whether it is recording an entire lecture on a gadget or watching relevant videos at school, mode of learning today has no bounds. In fact, it is safe to concur that technology has enabled the students to be at the center of learning.

Taking online courses is the new fad among Indian students and this isn’t restricted to just the college-going youth. More and more school-going children are getting enamored with the idea of learning something more even after school hours and assessing themselves continuously on the go using mobile apps. Are you someone like that? You have come to the right place.

We are going to discuss 6 online courses that you can take if your thirst for knowledge is beyond attending lectures at school. Oh, and we have included some fun courses as well for your perusal. Have a look:

Trigonometry, Khan Academy

Ah! Have a love-hate relationship with Trigonometry? Yes? We understand. It’s the same story with every student. But if you actually grasp its basics well, trigonometry will be a child’s play. Adding to this thought, Khan Academy has an extensive course on it. It has numerous levels and tests that will give you a comprehensive idea about Trigonometry. So sign up at the e-academy for this course right now!

Of course, you can assess yourself by taking tests on either mobile apps or websites so that you are sure your Trigonometry is under control. Oust is one such application that is quick and fun to use. Imagine giving a test in minutes? Sounds challenging yet interesting, right?

Price: Free

Basic Physics, MOOC

Massive Open Online Course or MOOC has grabbed the attention of students belonging to all age groups. In fact, it has the best courses (some free, some chargeable) compiled carefully for the ever-learning human being! If in your case, it’s physics, then you are in for luck. The ‘Basic Physics’ course will give an idea about every aspect of physics—motion, electricity, magnetism, waves and sound. It’s just a simple course, nothing major but it will help you build interest in this subject.

Price: Free

Computer Science 101, Coursera

This particular course demand’s every student’s attention given the fact that our lives revolve around computers and internet. The course makes use of small coding experiments in the browser to help you understand the nature of computers, their strengths and limitations. You can sign up for “self-study” option to browse the curriculum and start studying. However, this won’t fetch you a certification at the completion of the course unlike other Coursera courses.

Price: Free

Social Media 101, Buffer

Which school-going student is not on Facebook or Instagram today? You are. Your friends are. In short, everyone is! How about actually learning the basics of social media for a change? You know you can actually sign up for Buffer’s week-long email class that will help you master everything—from establishing a tone for all your social media posts to understanding analytics behind it—all in seven days!

Price: Free

Secret sauce of great writing, Udemy

Writing is finally being taken as a serious profession these days. On a lighter note, everyone likes to believe that they can blog. Whether or not you are an exceptional writer, you can hone your writing skills by opting for this course by Udemy. It teaches you everything about business writing—cover letters, sales e-mails, press releases—it will make your blog read more professional. And even if you don’t keep a blog, it will help you structure your sentence properly thanks to the crispiness required in business writing. If you’re looking at a future as a writer or a communications expert, sign up for it now.

Price: Free

This is Canva, Canva

Canva offers a great platform to create designs for both websites and print. From blog graphics, flyers, posters and invitations to Facebook covers and presentations, it’s an amazing platform for graphic designers. If you love to sketch or have an impressive imagination, you should totally check out Canva and the number of online tutorials it has.

It’s online Design School has a couple of workshops one of which is “Workshop One: This is Canva” that teaches different ways of designing. So if you have just started in this field, don’t forget to try your hand at Canva. If you like the first session, you can also e-attend the remaining three workshops from the series.

Price: Free

So are you excited to take at least one of the six aforementioned courses? We are sure we are. We had so much fun putting all the online courses together. And, if you have suggestions to make, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the “Comments’ section.

Happy studying!

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