A Tête-à-tête With Educator & Blogger, Mr. Rajkumar R

An educationist, a social media enthusiast and a pro-blogger—Mr. Rajkumar R. is a person with many skills. A Post Graduate teacher in Mathematician by qualification, this Chennai-based educator had to leave his job at a city-based high school after he met with an accident.

This is where Elixir of Knowledge came into existence in 2009—an educational resource covering the unsolved mysteries in the fields of History and Science that consumes a major portion of time and energy of Mr. Rajkumar. Apart from this, he also teaches 11th and 12th standard-students from socially and economically backward classes.

Moreover, he is quite active on Twitter and open to using technology for educating today’s youth. When we asked him about our Oust App and last month’s event, Oustathon, his response was ‘amazing’, which in itself is amazing!

“The idea behind Oustathon was amazing!”

 So here’s what he shared with us over a cup of tea:

  1. How important is technology in today’s academics?

In today’s time and age, technology is a part of everyone. Students now engage with the latest gadgets and make use of technology outside their classrooms. This shows that technology contributes heavily to academics.

“Effective learning comes from integrating technology as a learning tool.”

Applying technology in teaching also helps students to get first-hand quality information that, in turn, develops their research skills. Hence, integrating technology in classrooms definitely enhances the student experience and diversifies the learning style and methodology.

  1. What’s your take on mobile learning apps?

M-learning apps are the latest education-related trend. These apps make the students more interactive and give them first-hand knowledge and understanding of all topics. In simple words, such apps act as virtual classrooms with unique methodology to “teach and reach” the students. M-learning encourages the method of self-learning among students and educational apps are convenient, flexible and interactive.

  1. You’ve been blogging for 5 years. How can blogs contribute to a student’s learning?

Blogs help students in presentation writing rather than process writing. I believe if students are encouraged to blog, then that will not only improve their writing skills but also build their confidence. In addition to this, blogging can help students reflect on the concepts and structure their understanding accordingly.

  1. As a teacher, how much do you advocate “studying beyond textbooks” today? Is there any specific approach that you follow?

For developing critical thinking, studying beyond textbooks is important. In fact, it is the need of the hour. Today, educational bodies are themselves trying to adopt novel methods to replace the tunnel vision based on the textbook-based exam culture.

  1. How has teaching evolved since your school years?

There has been a tremendous change. In my time, teaching was seen as a way of just dispensing information but now teachers are ready to adapt and adopt unique methods to impart knowledge.

  1. What’s the one advice you would like to give to students of today?

“If you don’t understand anything, approach your teacher immediately for assistance. Getting their help is free and they are there to assist you, pupils.”

Technology has tremendously changed the education ecosystem. There are more and more schools joining the bandwagon of introducing students to technology at an early stage. Don’t believe us? Take a look at all those global school coming up around you.

The idea behind using technology to impart knowledge is not to make the entire learning process fancy, but to help students keep up with the competition today. Technology is the new time saver for students – from alarms, time tables, reminders, notes and most importantly, revision.

And that’s where OUST comes in!

OUST is already a part of study schedules of hundreds of students across Karnataka. And they’re definitely making waves! You should definitely take a look at our weekly Leaderboard Toppers.

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