Alternative Streams That Science Students Can Pursue

“Our daughter wants to become a doctor.” “Our son is doing mechanical engineering.”

An average Indian parent may take pride in saying either of these two sentences. But the truth is the fascination with these fields, on the whole, has taken a dip among students in classes 11 & 12. Whether it is due to scarcity of job opportunities in the market or lack of interest—students are now looking beyond engineering and medical courses.

Moreover, parents too have become liberal when it comes to letting their children choose their field of study. So what are the alternative streams that science students, in particular, can pursue? Have a look:


Love buildings, designs and other structures? Well, architecture is perfect for you. This field of study is not just about constructing buildings, it also takes care of structural integrity, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning system, electrical system and even fire safety! The job of an architect is to create a multi-dimensional plan for buildings and structures. You can either work with the government or join a private agency. Opt for a Bachelor’s in Architecture Engineering or do a Diploma in Architecture Assistantship—opportunities are many!


Are you a water baby? Do you love everything about the ocean? Does going to the beach sound better to you in the name of having a job? Well, then you should become an oceanographer! Be a marine biologist, chemical oceanographer or a marine engineer—there are so many job profiles out there. The best part about this field, undoubtedly, is you will not have a desk job. Instead, you will go on field trips, research and of course, stay on coastal areas.


Oh, yes! Who said you can’t enter the field of Marketing, Finance and Human Resources if you are a Science student? Of course, you can! Unlike Science, Commerce is open to students belonging to all kinds of educational backgrounds. Whether it is Bachelor’s in Commerce or Business Administration—you have lots of options to pick and choose from. If anything related to business, money or entrepreneurship appeals to you, then Commerce will provide professional contentment to you.


A combination of biology and technology, this field of study is widely applied in environmental, agricultural, chemical & energy and pharmaceutical studies. Popular courses you can opt for include Bachelor’s in Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics or Diploma in Biotechnology. You can be a forensic DNA analyst, microbiologist or a greenhouse and field technician—options are many! Hence, if you are really passionate about organism life, you should take up Biotechnology.

Information Technology

A combination of telecommunication and computer equipment, IT includes controlling, gathering, retrieving and storing information after processing, along with manipulating and transmitting data and analytics. After pursuing a degree in Information Technology, you can find a job as a Web Designer, Software Developer, Technology Engineer, Programmer, Quality Analyst and PHP Developer to name a few. Being a geek is cool these days. Plus, this field pays well monetarily too.

Forensic Science

Want to fight crime? Study Forensic Science as this field of science involves investigation of crimes by applying scientific principles. You can check up a bunch of graduation and diploma courses in Forensic Science. Cyber Crimes, Ballistics and Forensic Sciences for Police to name a few are the sub streams you can specialize in. Even though finding success or landing a job that pays well is a tad tough in this field, it is a rather cool profession. Imagine catching a criminal by studying fingerprints? It’s straight out of a Hollywood film!

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Good luck!

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