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Does taking online tests help students? The answer is ‘yes’! Most teachers and parents won’t agree with this and perhaps emphasize more on a traditional approach to taking tests; the truth is that with the increased penetration of internet everywhere, especially mobile internet, online tests & exams have grabbed the attention of schools and other educational institutes.

Moreover, it has become increasingly easy for the students to assess themselves by taking online tests because of the abundant websites and mobile apps that offer fun ways of learning. Giving exams on an online platform frequently is now considered a valuable skill – something that couldn’t have been perceived as this ten years ago! Today, almost all competitive exams such as CAT, IIT-JEE and GMAT to name a few are given online.

Another important aspect to taking tests online is that students start harnessing their strategizing abilities and prioritizing techniques from the start of their academic journey. This ‘online’ development in the education system is definitely an exciting phase not only for teacher but also students. What’s more exciting is the kind of mobility that mobile phones allow – access to big-sized consumption of information on the go!

Let’s take a closer look at why students must develop the habit of taking online tests on a regular basis:

Practice makes a student perfect

Not every student gets the best grades in class. Every student, no matter who or what, is weak in one subject or the other. In other words, there’s always scope for improvement academically. Although schools organize regular tests and conduct bi-annual exams, that’s not enough. This doesn’t mean that a student has to burden him or herself with more and more tests. It merely means that there’s always room for practice which can be done smartly.

For instance; a student can work on his or her weak points by giving online tests on the mobile phone itself. Yes, self-assessment is the best way to ensure this. Let the student be overly critical about his or her performance in the test, make notes of the mistakes made and improvise. And, the best part about giving tests on mobile is that it makes the whole process more fun. Think it this way: ‘A test a day, keeps bad grades away’.

Learn to strategise

Since most online tests are timed, this will help the student in strategizing the way forward. Challenges such as which problem is going to take more time, which question is easy to solve, etc. should be taken up by the student according to his or her knowledge and the time left to finish the test.

As mentioned before, an online test can help the student strategize better and work on the techniques. Taking online tests are extremely beneficial in math & science. Since the two subjects are based on quantitative analysis rather than qualitative, it’s easier to not only give the tests but also take note of the mistakes made.

However, there’s one catch: lifestyle of students has changed drastically that it has resulted in short attention spans. To make this an advantage, he or she has the liberty to take short tests on mobile phones! Since these devices play an integral part in their lives, it’s a stress-free way of giving tests on the go.

Competitive exams become a cakewalk

Yes, it’s true! Cracking competitive exams becomes a tad easy given the amount of energy, time and practice goes in giving self-assessment exams. The student hones his or her test-taking skills that include strategizing, becoming quick in calculations and understanding concepts properly to name a few. It’s becomes an easier ball game altogether!

The fear associated with the terms ‘exams’ & ‘tests’ vanishes in thin air. In fact, a student who takes tests frequently and seriously is seen as a person who really wants to do well. And as soon as he or she attach a positive meaning with tests, the morale boosts up, grades improve and all kinds of exams fetch better results. And if sitting in front of the laptop or computer looks painful, use a mobile-friendly approach to achieving those academic targets.

A ‘study-play’ balance is maintained

Given the amount of pressure that most tenth or twelfth graders are in, it’s important to have a healthy ‘study-play’ balance. You know when a student strategically studies, takes regular online tests and does homework, it becomes a lot easier to focus on leisure activities such as going out with friends, playing a sport, listening to music or watching a film!

With so many apps mushrooming in every nook & corner of the cyber space, it is easy to develop a habit of giving tests. There are apps specifically designed for students who want to work on their math or science and offer a range of tests that can be taken through the phone itself. The performance can be assessed easily and even compared with fellow competitors – a feature that makes ‘giving tests’ all the more fun.

So even if a student doesn’t have the time to take tests, he or she can simply use the app, whilst on way to school or back home, for this purpose. The key to getting good marks at school is not studying, studying and studying or giving tests all the time! It’s the result of studying smartly and strategically, using the latest tools (read mobile phones) and at the same time, giving your brain a rest too!

Remember: A student, who gives online tests regularly, should be honest and assess his or her test properly and without any bias. This activity will only fetch successful results when there’s a certain level of seriousness and commitment attached to it. Otherwise, all the efforts put into giving such exams go waste. Don’t let that happen. Also, making use of the mobile phone to give tests take the learning process to another level. Make full use of the advantages it offers!

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