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7 Best Practices to Create Value from Corporate Training


Corporate training is crucial for enterprises when it comes to onboarding new employees and upskilling existing ones at regular intervals. This is the best way to keep the workforce up to date with the latest innovations and information. Every year, organizations need to spend a huge amount of money and time on training their new and existing employees. But, in most cases, the returns from such corporate training programs are not properly evaluated. After all, it is not enough for employees to just complete the training. They need to assimilate the learning and implement the same in practical scenarios too. The good news is that there are several ways in which you can derive the best value from your corporate training solutions. This blog covers seven such practices that can create maximum value from your corporate training program.

1 - Align the Learning Strategy with Business Goals

To get a better outcome from a corporate training program, aligning the learning strategy and objectives with the business goal is essential. And, surprisingly, a huge number of organizations fail to develop such a corporate learning solution that is designed to encourage the employees to achieve business goals. So, to get the maximum value of training employees, first, you need to create a training program that matches your business goals. Here are some tips for developing such a training program.

  • Your corporate training partners need to work with the senior management to get a better idea of the important business metrics and where they can incorporate changes to improve the training solution.

  • It is essential to have a thorough analysis of the business problem to identify training gaps and craft a perfect training solution.

  • Make the leadership team aware of the goals and the results to achieve through the training.

2 - Implement Flexible Learning Solutions

These days, traditional classroom-based training is not only outdated but also insufficient to train a huge workforce at a time, especially if it is remote. To deal with such a situation, it is important to make a shift from classroom training to virtual training solutions. Organizations need to use flexible learning solutions like eLearning programs, microlearning solutions, mobile learning modules, etc. All these virtual learning solutions can provide learners quick access to their training through any digital touchpoint. There are multiple options to incorporate virtual corporate training programs for employees.

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3 - Try to Maintain Consistency in Training Delivery

Owing to the continuous development in your business and changing goals, it is crucial to update the training process and content regularly to make them relevant. Maintaining the consistency, offering regular updates, and refreshing the training content is much easier with virtual training solutions than classroom training systems. Delivering up-to-date training content instantly to learners is also convenient with online corporate training solutions. The incorporation of corporate LMS can help organizations to meet corporate training needs and improve training efficiency by leaps and bounds. An efficient training solution will help your employees to stay motivated and improve their performance.

4- Provide Reinforcement of Training

In today’s world, everyone is busy and engaged in multiple jobs. So, for learners, it’s hard to remember everything they are taught during the training. To resolve this issue, employers need to provide effective corporate training reinforcement.

The incorporation of microlearning and nano learning modules are one of the efficient ways to reinforce training. Providing bite-sized information, along with varieties of modalities, like videos, podcast, PDF, etc., can make the learning content easy to grasp and retain.

5- Deliver Global Training

If your organization has a global presence, you need to ensure that your training solutions remain consistent and relevant across boundaries, time zones, and language barriers.

Nowadays, employers can easily develop such a global training solution using a corporate LMS. This virtual training solution allows employees to access the same program from different parts of the world at a time that is convenient for them. Corporate training companies can also help you to design multilingual training solutions that are appropriate for people with different language preferences.

6- Evaluate the Impact of Corporate Training

It is usually difficult to prove the return on investment (ROI) of a training program, especially with a traditional classroom-based setting, where you can't track whether the training has improved employee performance and if it has any other benefits. But the corporate LMS allows employers to track individual employee progress, track the rate of course completion, analyse assessment results etc. The progress report of an employee can help employers to assess the impact of the training.

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7 Provide Training at the Right Time

Thanks to changing business needs, the demand for skills and technologies is likely to evolve. To match the changing business demand, training programs also need to evolve.

Training solutions need to be timely, as otherwise, they will not be effective enough. Therefore, employers need to be ready with the right training solutions at the right time. Rapid eLearning solutions can be helpful to deploy appropriate training programs quickly to meet business demands.


To wrap up, your organization needs a new-age corporate training solution to derive maximum value from it. The solution should be accessible from anywhere, provided in various formats, and aligned with your business goals. Hence, it is advisable to develop online corporate training solutions for your organization to brighten the horizon of future learning and development. For the best LMS for corporate training, you can consider hiring OustLabs, now a part of BetterPlace. Contact our experts for more details.

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