Break The Monotony – 5 Things To Do When You’re Not Studying!

As a school-going student, the toughest challenge is to study…study a lot. We agree it is a tedious process and that it requires you to transfer an enormous amount of information from textbooks, notes and the internet to an extremely reliable part of your mind. Phew! This surely sounds a little boring, a bit monotonous to undergo every day as a student.

But think of the process of studying regularly or at least during the exams as a medicine that despite its bitter taste fetches exceptional results. Adding to this thought, one of the best ways to maintain a healthy study habit is to ‘avoid’ having a monotonous routine. Confused? Don’t be.

To get into the study zone is not easy but then it is very easy to start following a mundane schedule. In fact, you can break the monotony and actually do something that is not limited to just studying for school. Intrigued? Take a look:

Get creative

Pick up color pencils or open a box of watercolors and start drawing or painting. Engage in a bit of doodling as well! Idly sketching or doodling can act as a stress-buster between intense study sessions. It will also help you retain more information and strengthen your attention span. So the next time, you want to bring out the artist in you, don’t hesitate to do so.

Same thing applies if you play an instrument. Practice it during such breaks. It is not only an enjoyable exercise but also energizes you for a fresh round of studies. So, yes! Let your creative juices flow! Quit having a robotic approach towards studying like most people.

Take light tests

Oh, yes! Now, taking tests here doesn’t mean that you start write a lengthy question paper. It’s the 21st century! Take tests on your laptop or better, on your phone. There are many educational mobile apps such as Oust that offer short tests at your fingertips. Try your hands on those apps.

You can even solve a crossword puzzle or questions related to logical reasoning. Such exercises will not only keep your going but also help you study a bit more without breaking much sweat! Who knew taking tests could break the monotony of an intense study schedule? The truth is it does and how!

Entertain yourself

There are so many ways to completely give your brain a little rest! Watch a film you have wanted to watch for a long time. You can either do that by visiting the nearest theatre or simply watch it on the laptop!

If films do not appeal you and you’d rather take a quick break than a long one, grab a 30 minute-long episode of a favorite television series. If you love to read, catch up with your ongoing novel. Read a few pages or finish an entire chapter—you choose! Keep your mind active but by doing activities that are easy, light and fun!


Exercise improves learning—this is a proven fact! Research has shown that a new concept or skill gets cemented into your brain if you exercise right after learning it. In short, it makes that particular piece of knowledge stay in your mind for a longer period of time. This is the reason why sports play an integral part in a student’s life.

Next time your teacher or parent asks you to go out and play, do it without a second thought. If you feel a little bored after a heavy study session, play a sport. Spending as much time as possible in fresh, open air is the best way to unwind. And, as a student you should never let that opportunity slip away.


Socializing here does not mean that you start posting something on your Facebook wall or Whatsapping your friends. It means you should go out and actually meet people. Having a close-knit group of friends is important. It makes life a lot easier and you don’t feel the stress of studies so much too!

Simply sit and talk, meet up for coffee or play a sport—there’s so much you can do with friends. If you still want to stay in the study mood, discuss about what you studied so far. Tell them about an interesting concept, share new study hacks or simply engage in a light chit-chat about a subject you might like at school. After all, it’s important to socialize to maintain a healthy mental well-being.

So next time you are hit by bouts of monotony while studying, take a break and do something that really makes you happy. Staying in a positive state of mind, especially when the pressure to study is more, is essential and once can ensure that with the right of creative/entertaining activity.

What is your most preferred method of unwinding after a busy study session? Do let us know in the comments. We would be delighted!

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