Career Opportunities For 12th Class Science Students With PCM

Life for 12th class Science (PCM) students in India is tough. The pressure to get into the best engineering college or enroll in a medical program is too much to bear. Parents are worried. Teachers expect too much. There are home assignments, practical tests and multiple projects to squeeze in one tiny academic year.

Students often get de-motivated or under confident because of the workload and the overwhelming attention they receive (from everyone else) for no rhyme or reason! Trust us: choosing the right course is not easy. And it is always nice to have some options handy – whether the others like it or not.

You never know which program turns out to be the most appropriate for you and that helps you to achieve your professional goals? So don’t get disheartened if you are not going to pursue the streams your peers are interested in or your parents prefer.

Moreover, the fascination with “engineering” and “medicine”, on the whole, has taken a dip among students in classes 11 & 12. Whether it is due to scarcity of job opportunities in the market or lack of interest—students are now looking beyond engineering and medical courses.

Please remember, it is all about you in the end. You are the one who has to study and sit for exams. So yes – we understand the stress that every Science student goes through. This is why we have decided to list down alternative career options that can be pursued by you.

Have a look:


A combination of biology and technology, this field of study is widely applied in environmental, agricultural, chemical & energy and pharmaceutical studies. Popular courses you can opt for include Bachelor’s in Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics or Diploma in Biotechnology.

You can be a forensic DNA analyst, microbiologist or a greenhouse and field technician—options are many! Hence, if you are really passionate about organism life, you should take up Biotechnology. A lot of students are now opting for this field because of the varied opportunities it offers.

Thankfully, we have a bucket full of universities that excel at this particular field of study. So make sure you choose the most convenient option.


A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy is a 4-year program and gives the students an opportunity in both public and private sectors. If you want to further specialize, you can also enroll yourself for a Master’s course and enable yourself to do the following job professions:

  1. Drug Technician

  2. Bio-Technology Industries

  3. Drug Therapist

  4. Pharmacist

  5. Health Inspector

  6. Research & Development

  7. Pathologist

  8. Research Officer

  9. Scientist

There are many educational institutes in the country who offer exceptional programs in Pharmacy. Some of the most popular universities are J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Delhi Institutes of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, Amrita School of Pharmacy and Banaras Hindu University.


Love buildings, designs and other structures? Well, architecture is perfect for you. This field of study is not just about constructing buildings, it also takes care of structural integrity, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning system, electrical system and even fire safety!

The job of an architect is to create a multi-dimensional plan for buildings and structures. You can either work with the government or join a private agency. Opt for a Bachelor’s in Architecture Engineering or do a Diploma in Architecture Assistantship—opportunities are many!

Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University (CEPT) in Ahmedabad is one of the best universities for Architectural studies. You might want to check it out some time!

Information Technology

Our lives revolve around technology. And this field is so dynamic that what was “in” thing last year has already evolved and moved on to the next level. So one has to constantly stay abreast of the new trends and software. So basically – the IT industry is a lot of fun!

A combination of telecommunication and computer equipment, IT includes controlling, gathering, retrieving and storing information after processing, along with manipulating and transmitting data and analytics.

After pursuing a degree in Information Technology, you can find a job as a Web Designer, Software Developer, Technology Engineer, Programmer, Quality Analyst and PHP Developer to name a few. Being a geek is cool these days. Plus, getting into this field will help you earn big bucks too – think about it!

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Good luck!

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