Crack K-CET 2016 with OUST

As we mentioned yesterday that Team Oust is organizing KCET 2016 Mock Series in the coming month. Yes, it is definitely exciting to host yet another round of madness/learning after Oustathon 2015 for you all students.

Now before we start off with the series, we would like to introduce 4 ways in which you can make the most of Oust for preparation of KCET 2016. Most of you may have come across a lot of mobile applications and online websites that offer the best of the best in academics.

So what makes us so different? And, why do you need to make Oust app your best friend for the coming months? Read on.

A never-ending bank of questions

KCET 2016 is in April; that means you have ample time to study, take tests and revise! That’s good because Oust app has lots of quizzes for you to take—enough to help you master all subjects for the exam.

A report published by in July 2015 revealed that education in India is witnessing a digital transition, with more students accessing their smartphones for study material and utilizing mobile apps and online courseware. Did you know that the use of mobile learning apps by Indian students grew by 217% YOY?

So, whether you want to brush up your basics of a particular subject or push yourself to do better in the ones you don’t like so much, Oust will guide you through. KCET 2016 will be a cakewalk for you!

Taking tests at your convenience

Gone are those days when studying at one place and for a particular period of time was considered the ‘right way of studying’. Now is the time to study at your convenience, where you want to. Oust app lets you do just that.

Oust app advocates the concept of ‘study on-the-go’. It lets you take a quiz of 5 questions in just 2 minutes. This invariably helps you in correcting your speed of solving problems—an attribute that is essential for giving competitive exams.

With each subject in KCET consisting of 60 questions, you have to speed up the process. Why? Because you have only 80 minutes to solve the set! So the faster you are able to solve the paper, the better it is for you!

GK? Current affairs? Know it all!

Okay. Here’s the deal: we all want to be smarter, well-read and well-aware. The only thing that comes between working towards gaining knowledge and actually gaining knowledge is lack of time or let us say…our laziness. For you all, it is even tougher because you have homework assignments, study for exams or just chilling when not doing the aforementioned two points.

But the truth is having a strong knowledge about current affairs or anything else is important, especially during exams. So even if you find it hard to make space for a small GK session in your everyday schedule, make time! Fortunately, using Oust app for GK is absolutely convenient.

Since it is always adding more content related to GK and current affairs, you will always stay updated provided you take short quizzes on it frequently. Did you know 73% of school-going children are smartphone users? And like every competitive exam, KCET too has such a section. Now is the time to start using your smartphone for a better purpose…such as increasing knowledge!

Hang out with friends on Oust

You are connected with your friends on Facebook. You meet them every evening after school. How about connecting with them on Oust? Oh, yes! You can actually compare your score on the app with not only them but any student on Oust in the world.

Compete with your peers to see where you stand in a particular quiz. The best thing is you can play as many times as you want to. KCET is divided into three categories—engineering, medical and dentistry. You can actually gauge your performance by comparing your score with students taking similar quizzes.

We are sure after reading this you want to download Oust app on your smartphone right now. Here’s the link to the app.

You can also catch all the KCET 2016 madness on Oust’s official Facebook page. Like it, share it! We are supremely active on it. 🙂

All the best!

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