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eLearning – A new way of employee training and development


As an employer, you must get employee training right, so that your business goals can be achieved just the way you want. You need a proper training program to onboard, update, and upskill your employees. Moreover, adequate training prepares your employees to understand their work environment and meet the objectives and challenges of the job. Also, employee training is a continuous process, so that your workforce stays open to new ideas, innovations, and technologies. Now, if your company is running with a remote workforce, traditional classroom training is not an option. Rather, eLearning can make employee training smart, effective, easy and affordable. Find out why.

What is eLearning for employees?

eLearning refers to an educational or training method where the learning content is delivered through an online setting. eLearning training has multiple benefits for both employers and employees—along with being highly efficient, online training solutions for employees are also cheaper to execute. Custom eLearning solutions provide flexibility, convenience, reliability, and scalability to any corporate training program.

There are various techniques, like audio and video recordings, presentations, quizzes, surveys, games, discussion groups, and so on, to enhance your employees' experience and make the learning effective.

What are the benefits of eLearning solutions for employees?

Here are the key benefits of implementing eLearning for employee development.

  1. Cost-saving: Traditional training can be expensive, time-taking and often frustrating to maintain. eLearning eliminates the need for venue selection, traveling expenses, logistics, printed training materials, and even on-site instructors. You can easily change or update your training modules via your learning management system (LMS) fast and without printing and distributing updated training materials.

  2. Fast learning and better employee retention: As learners can access eLearning programs anywhere and anytime, they can quickly and easily complete their training, resulting in fast learning, improved performance and greater productivity. As they are equipped with interactive seasons, eLearning solutions also ensure better employee retention.

  3. Self-paced learning: You can offer your employees training solutions that they can complete at their own pace. It gives them the flexibility and freedom to take the classes when it is convenient for them.

  4. Interactive and collaborative approach: The responsive design of most online employee training platforms offers an interactive approach to learning. Trainees can easily interact with instructors via learning platforms and engage in discussions, exchange ideas and knowledge among themselves, and enhance their skills. The incorporation of interactive items like puzzles, quizzes, and games makes the learning process more engaging.

  5. Provides access to key resources: Corporate learning solutions like LEP and LMS offers employees access to a huge resource of learning content (both in-house and third-party).

  6. Provides a risk-free environment for your employees: The incorporation of simulation in online learning platforms offers a risk-free training facility for your employees.

  7. Scalable for any number of employees: eLearning solutions provide you with the flexibility to customize learning modules as per your requirement—for a specific department, specific number of employees, etc.

  8. Better tracking of employees’ progress: Most of the eLearning training methods provide you with robust reports and analytics of learners' progress and course completion. So, as an employer, you can scale the success, participation, consistency, and effectiveness of the training programs.

Types of eLearning Methods for Corporate Training

Here are some of the efficient eLearning methods that your organization can include in its corporate training program:

  1. Web eLearning

  2. Virtual Classrooms

  3. Video Modules

  4. Specialized eLearning

  5. Social Media Training

  6. Microlearning

  7. Mobile learning

How to choose an eLearning program suitable for your company?

To onboard and upskill your in-house and remote workforce, eLearning programs are highly efficient and effective. You need to choose the best eLearning program for the success of your employee training strategy. The key considerations while selecting a program are:

  • Go for the right technology as per your business requirements and goals.

  • It should facilitate the personal development of your employees.

  • It should allow you to customize the program to meet the specific requirements of the company.

  • It should have the right features to support the scalability and success of the training method.

  • The program must be able to track employee performance and analyze them.


Considering the efficiency of eLearning in training and development, multiple companies are adopting online learning technologies today. You too should join them! To incorporate the best eLearning methods in your training program for maximum benefits, consider consulting the experts at Oust Labs, a part of BetterPlace, today!

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