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Evolving with the Industry: Presenting the New and Improved Oust Labs UI


Employees are the lifeline of any business, no matter how small or big it is. And to make sure that your employees are always ready to fuel your company’s growth, you need to train them frequently and effectively. That is the only way for your workforce to become more skilled, knowledgeable and better geared for success. But conventional training in conference rooms or through lengthy presentations is no longer going to cut it, and the pandemic is largely responsible for it. eLearning is the way to go now, and for that, choosing the right platform is crucial. An interactive and engaging platform can help your employees learn new concepts better, faster and retain more as well. And that is exactly why Oust Labs is grabbing eyeballs.

For quite some time, companies have known us for the novel way in which we enable them to train their employees. However, we felt that our app needed a little freshening up too. After all, it is what your employees interact with the most.

So, here is a look at what we changed to make it easier for employees as well as employers to navigate the app, compete with others, and stay on top of training modules.

  1. We have changed the login screen to make it more immersive and easier for the user to log in. Employees can log in seamlessly using their organization code, login ID, and password.

  2. Forgot your password? Fret not as we have stabilized the Password Reset process.

  3. The Oust home page has been completely redesigned to reflect how easy we want the learning experience to be. The first thing a user will notice is the points they’ve earned till now and the number of pending tasks, if any. Then comes the feed. A user can navigate through the Home, Learning, Catalogues, Notice Board, or Profile tabs from the bottom of their screen.

  4. You can easily access the Leaderboard or Calendar from any tab by clicking on the icons present at the top right of the screen.

  5. With the changed backgrounds of the Leaderboard menu, competing with fellow employees and sharing your achievements will become effortless.

  6. Employees, as well as their managers, can stay on top of what has happened in a specific month and what is yet to be accomplished through the Calendar option.

  7. Work diary at the end displays the employee’s progress as well.

  8. Feeling stuck or looking for something? Clear your doubts with the help of the Search Bar that is accessible throughout the app module.

  9. Check the progress you have made along with how many courses are still pending to complete from the Learning tab. Users can also choose which course they would like to complete next or resume a course from the point they left it. Apart from courses, users can also check which assessments they have completed and which are yet to be done through the Learning tab.

  10. From the improved Catalogue tab, users can access the whole repository of courses and assessments available to them. The intuitive window also makes differentiating between different courses straightforward.

  11. Users can personalize the app by changing their names and profile pictures easily from the Profile tab. They can also access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), their Team Dashboard, or ask for support through the same tab.

  12. The profile page has a separate tab to address the achievements by tapping on the ‘Trophy’ icon.

  13. In case the user needs to refresh the app, they can simply scroll down the home page.

  14. We have made every course/assessment landing page more customizable and user-friendly to keep user engagement high and decrease fallout.

  15. Course progress and assessment completion are updated in real-time to keep these pages consistent across the whole app.

All in all, at Oust Labs, we believe that our improved user interface will make employee training easier, simpler and more efficient. Plus, our bite-sized learning modules will boost the understanding of a concept and help your employees recall what they learn quickly. And this will translate into more revenue, which is exactly what your company deserves.

Yet to join hands with Oust Labs? Get in touch with us for a free trial before you take a decision.

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