Five Mantras To Crack Boards X & XII

Students, it is time to pull up your socks. Board examinations (of both X and XII standards) are set to begin from the first week of March. While we are sure you worked hard the entire academic year to prepare yourself for the upcoming exams—a slight change in your study plan around this time can do wonders for you!

No, we are not going lecture you on another round of study hacks. Instead, we will acquaint you with five easy yet important mantras to help you ace the board exams smoothly. Read on:

Finish CBSE syllabus at the earliest

Believe it or not, 90% of a typical board paper includes questions from the textbooks. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of what your teachers taught you at school. Chances are they must have also made you underline or highlight important chapters or questions from the exam’s point of view.

Therefore, first finish the syllabus from textbooks and then hop to reference materials and practice solutions. Even if time doesn’t permit you to study from other academic supplies, don’t fret. Put all your energy and focus into extracting maximum information from your school books and assignments.

Practice speed

There are many subjects, questions of which require lengthy explanations in exams. Languages (such as English and Hindi), History, Biology, Social Science and Business Studies to name a few fall under this bracket. Since ‘not attempting’ several questions in the exam is not a feasible option, you must practice speed.

Remember the times when your teachers asked you to attempt those questions first that carried more marks? Well, that was because they knew (and still know) how tough it can be to complete the paper on time! Focus on structuring your answers in such a way that you are able to state the facts effectively. Focus on answering what is asked; don’t write a story because that will not fetch you marks.

Similarly, calculations in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry can also take time. This is where mobile learning apps such as come handy as they allow the students to take small quizzes in just 2 minutes. This means the ability to do mental calculations becomes stronger and you don’t jump to solve every problem on a piece of a paper—and thus, save ample time!

Practice previous years’ papers

Once you are done studying from the textbooks, reference materials and other resources, start solving previous years’ question papers. This will give you an idea about two things—the pattern of the paper and the most frequently-asked questions. Make it a habit to attempt at least last three years’ question papers of every subject completely.

Your concepts will become stronger. Plus, writing always helps in retaining information. You will also get an idea about the areas that require more attention and practice. And if you score well in these papers, your confidence will automatically increase!

Attempt what you know first

Why? Because this will save your time and keep your spirits intact! Before you start writing, read the complete question paper thoroughly. Tick all those questions that you know by heart and carry the highest marks. Form a hierarchy of questions-to-attempt in your head or on the paper itself before you begin.

It is important to attempt those areas in which you are most confident. This habit will have a positive impact on not only your morale but also your mark sheet. Don’t forget to number the questions properly in your answer sheet. Otherwise, you will lose marks for faulty numbering.

Learn to take a break

Whether you are studying for or writing an exam—it is important to take frequent breaks. During your study sessions, try to take a 5-minute break after every hour. This will save you from getting bored. Go, drink water. Stretch yourself. Do something!

Similarly, don’t burn yourself up while writing the exam. You must learn to plan the entire paper in such a manner that you are able to attempt everything at length. Once you are halfway through the paper, stop writing for 30 seconds. Look up and stretch your neck or hand. Take a deep breath. Relax!

This is the most important time of the year as the marks obtained in these exams decide the fate of not only 12th class students but also class 10th. However, with dedicated hard work and sincerity, you can plan your preparation well. Know all subjects, keep a tab on important concepts and strategize accordingly to save time and study smartly & effectively.

Good luck!

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