How does a student benefit from online video gaming

Dear parents, remember how you scold your children when they spend a bit too much time playing video games? We agree it is a little frustrating to see them spend day-in, day-out on their Xbox. Apart from health concerns, falling behind on academics is something that really bothers you – which is why you never support this hobby.

We get it. But now, it is time to change – bit by bit.

If your child is an avid gamer, then maybe you will appreciate this piece of news: A 2012 study by Alberto Posso, a professor at Australia’s RMIT University, revealed that teens who spend time playing video games online are often able to improve their academic grades.

Yes – this is happening and how! Playing video games involves lots of strategizing which indirectly has a positive impact on the school results. In the same study, Posso found that students who were active on social media tended to perform not-so-well in subjects such as math, science and reading.

Such students scored a grade which was 20 points lower than those who never used any type of social media platform. This conclusion was made by Posso after he studied the online activities of more than 12,000 fifteen-year-olds and their math, science and reading marks in school exams.

Even though this study grabbed attention of academicians and parents alike, it was decided that since the social media trends change so rapidly, the conclusion derived by the report didn’t represent the current status on how students used technology – social media and online video games

Introduction to gamification

However, this introduced the concept of “gamification” which thrives on elements such as strategizing, problem solving and goal setting. Now are you able to connect the dots? That’s right. Playing video games involves all these skills. Otherwise, how do you think the player conquers over the program?

So what exactly is gamification? In simple words, it is the application of elements of game playing such as point scoring, competition with others, rules of the game, etc. to other areas of activity as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

With the onset of technology and ultra-exposure to internet and mobile phones, e-learning is now possible than ever. For students who find the conventional way of studying boring or repulsive now have the option to learn the courses or subjects through gamified solutions.

Perhaps this cartoon best explains what we are trying to say:

As parents, we understand that “gamification” is not a concept you will want your children to get associated with. However, it is quite possible that there is a strong correlation between the learning and online gaming. There is no specific report or study till now that confirms this – especially when people say that technology has only made us dumber.

Curious to know more about this concept? Well, check the following listicle for yourself and maybe then will you let your child play video games only so he or she can perform better at school:

1. Gaming is motivational.

The more you win at the game, it motivates the student. It is similar to winning a quiz or scoring the highest marks in a school test! That feat makes the students happy and pushes them to perform even better at academics!

2. Gaming enhances cognitive skills.

Online gaming improves attention, focus and reaction time of a student. That comes in very handy in academics because “not being able to concentrate” is the biggest problem that a student of this generation faces.

3. Gaming helps in social skills.

A student can easily translate the social skills into reactions outside the gaming environment if he or she is an avid gamer. It just becomes a lot easier through this.

4. Gaming maintains a balance of emotions.

If a student is into gaming, be assured he or she will always stay in a better mood and an adaptive emotion regulation unlike other students.

Over to you

Oust app is also based on the same concept of gamification that promotes healthy competition between students on various subjects and modules. It features small quizzes that can be taken by students from 9th to 12th across different school boards. The challenge is to solve 5 questions under 2 minutes. You can actually finish an entire module in just 1 hour!

Don’t believe us? Download and play the app. Oust believes in “studying smarter”. In addition to this, you can even take contests that happen periodically.

Researchers have given a “thumbs up” to gaming both in life and education. Let’s see how this concept evolves in the coming years.

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