Micro Learning – A Step Forward

You might have noticed people making statements such as “word gets around fast”, “I came to know of it as soon as the story broke” or “Oh, this is old news!”. How do you think this happens? Is it because of increased use of social media? Definitely!

Is it because we have technology at our disposal? Absolutely!

When we combine the power of internet and availability of gadgets, we are able to consume pieces of information at a much faster rate.

Believe it or not – this is called “bite-sized learning or micro-learning” and it is becoming quite a trend across all industrial domains. Micro-learning is effective in the following instances:

  1. When bytes of facts or nuggets of information are focused.

  2. When learning is facilitated anytime, anywhere by technology.

  3. When the process of acquiring information includes stages or steps.

  4. When the learning takes place in a collaborative environment such as an organization discussion or a social media platform.

Coming back to our “introduction”, social media is just one of the ways to consume snack-able pieces that give the learners the freedom to learn on-the-go. The other two effective ways are interactive videos and content keywords.


Let us try to understand these methods in a better and in a more detailed fashion:

1. Social media

Rise of social & informal learning and electronic gadgets such as tablets, tablets and smartphones have made eLearning not just possible but also a successful feat! Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – these social platforms have certainly revolutionized the way we receive, consume and share information.

People have access to a quicker chance to learn from a short video clip, a status update or an article shared on either of the many social media platforms. Depending on the outcome learners would like to achieve, the focus of learning can be determined.


2. Interactive videos

The new internet generation has a really short attention span. Use of visual cues, at both workplaces and schools, helps learners understand new concepts quickly. That is because watching something is definitely easier than reading something with concentration. Visual learning is effortless.

Moreover, learners can watch the entire video in a couple of minutes. The subject matter has a better chance of being understood with a fast, entertaining and impactful video as compared to written material.

3. Content keywords

People who make use of micro-learning methods believe in efficiency. They don’t rely on the materials presented to them for study. Instead, they actively research and cultivate their own knowledge bank. But how do they do that?


With the use of comprehensive keywords and constructed Meta tagging that allows the learners to form lessons of their own? Yup. That’s right! The research can begin with a simple word and go into depth with the use of right keywords – with the learner consuming multiple pieces of information in the entire process.

Micro-learning happens on-the-go

One of the best benefits of utilizing smartphones for learning is that people always have one in their hands. Smartphones put micro-learning right in the learner’s pockets, so it can be done at any time of the day and wherever you are.

This means the reach of information nuggets and engagement level of learners is at an all-time high – thereby making the consumption cycle shorter and more effective.

It’s the age of mobile apps and how

To make a learning experience that is more personalized, it is possible to create apps for mini quizzes, flash cards and quick notes. Smart learning apps have become a huge hit amongst students. The tactic applied in such applications has not only taught students to study smart but also manage time and improve their strategic thinking skills.

Oust App, for instance, is also based on the same concept of gamification and micro-learning that promotes healthy competition between students and working professionals on various subjects and modules. Now the Oust Team has aligned itself to consistently innovate to provide a fully-integrated micro-learning platform that provides all these capabilities.

The team largely helps its clients to create highly engaging content that leverages its proprietary pedagogy of delivering critical learning outcomes at scale – not just at educational institutes but also in the corporate sector.

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