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If you have noticed you will agree that everyone’s nose is buried in their mobile phones or tablets. NO – we are not saying it is a bad thing. In fact, electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our lives.

They have made the world a smaller place to live in and connected everyone. We certainly like the technological changes that have happened so far, especially after the advent of internet, followed by social media. But this has also brought down our attention span to just 8 seconds.

This is where micro learning comes into the picture. In this time and age where instant consumption (of anything) is the need of the hour, this emergent learning strategy is known to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps of learners across different industries and functions.

Here take a look at the Five Moments of Learning Needs as described by Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher:


Micro learning offers an ideal instructional approach to acquire new information via various formats such as podcasts, videos, e-books, etc. and apply it accordingly. We will discuss how formal education for students has changed some other time, maybe in our next blog.

Today, we will look into how micro learning has remarkably brought a change in workplace training and professional development:

Scenario in this time and age

The competition is high and employees have a greater desire to evolve their existing job profiles than ever before. What’s tedious and outdated is the use of long training sessions, week-long workshops and huge manuals which may not be able to impart information in the right manner.

All employees want is short bursts of learning that they can indulge at their own convenience. They don’t wish to be tied down to a particular learning activity that is supposed to be finished “on time”. They aspire for more control as far as learning and application of information is concerned.


Employees can take care of these needs and demands with the help of micro learning. It certainly is a cost-effective and efficient way of getting the message across to the employees.

1. Workplace culture has changed

Micro learning allows big pieces of information to be broken down into independent learning units that offer comprehensive and independent information to the employees. Videos e-books, infographics, case studies, audio books, etc. are some of the various modes of learning.

The fact that there is more control in the hands of employees to complete their learning tasks, they feel more empowered. They feel more confident and authoritative – which invites trust and respect from colleagues, subordinates and superiors!

2. Convenience to learn is appreciated, greater motivation

Who doesn’t find the idea of watching a short video on the tablet before going to the bed engaging? Trust us – employees are happier to do so. When there is flexibility as to when an employee chooses to acquire information, it certainly motivates them.

However to make sure the task is completed, employees can always keep a quiz at the end for comparison.

3. Hiring processes don’t stall

What if the hiring manager comes down with a case of bad cold and there is a string of interviews scheduled for the day? Should the interviews be cancelled? Of course, not!


If sets of modules on the hiring process (around “what to ask”, “what not to ask”) are already prepared, the specialist manager can always go through those modules himself and take the interview. This way interviews proceed as scheduled and no one’s time is wasted.

4. Quick training sessions for newly promoted employees

So, for instance, an employee has been newly promoted and he or she is required to learn a specific body of language and even get trained in a specific soft skill. Through micro learning, the employee can schedule time to access the training module in regards to that.


This saves time of not only other employees but also instills a sense of confidence in the employee who learns new information on his or her own.

5. Updating employees is much easier

If there is a new development in the department or organization as a whole, micro learning enables quick updates regarding the same through social media which can involve a short YouTube link as well. This saves the time and energy of managers and targets only those employees who need to be kept abreast with the new changes.

Train with Oust

Change has been faster than ever before and therefore ongoing training is a never ending process. The employee has to sharpen his or her skills and acquire new skills to stay relevant. It’s not just instructor-led training that suffices.

Periodic reinforcements are essential for internalization and hence behavior change. Oust provides a cutting edge technology based mobile solution which drives learning through reinforcements which are short, engaging and fun!

To explore the app, please click here.

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