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Mobile Learning Platforms for Tech Education and Learning


In today's world, smartphones are one of the vastly used devices, given how convenient, portable and stylish they are. And considering their wide usage, organizations are finding mobile learning systems to be effective and valuable for fast, interactive, and mass learning. In recent years, mobile learning or M-learning has revolutionized and enriched the eLearning industry. From educational institutions to training institutions, large enterprises to start-ups— almost every organization is using mobile learning platforms to make their academic, technical, and corporate learning experience fun and effective. This blog is all about how mobile learning can facilitate tech education and learning. So, let’s start with what is M-learning and its importance in tech education.

What Is Mobile Learning?

M-learning or mobile learning is one of the best ways to access learning content quickly using mobile devices. It has made learning super flexible—a learner can access the content whenever and wherever they want. The learner just needs to have a modern mobile device with internet connectivity to access eLearning modules.

Significance of Mobile Learning in Tech Education

Accessible and flexible mobile learning

We live in a world where time is of utmost essence, which means everyone is struggling to maintain a work-life balance and deal with the complexities of their jobs. This makes it tough to dedicate many hours in a traditional learning setting. In other words, people prefer mobile learning modules that can be accessed from anywhere through digital touchpoints with internet connection and anytime.

M-learning allows users to access their lessons while on the move, during a coffee break or any time they find suitable. Most importantly, learners can learn at their own pace that works best for them. Mobile learning in education offers learners greater control over their learning. That is because they can engage with their lessons voluntarily on their own terms. This flexible learning facility is one of the key reasons why M-learning is so popular today.

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Just-In-Time Learning

The millennial generation prefers everything on digital touchpoints – be it learning, training, or entertainment. They are extremely comfortable with different mobile devices and can engage with the same quickly to make their learning easy and fast. However, retaining a lot of information in one go is a challenge for most employees. Also, when it comes to a large and distributed workforce, employees often need to access the right information at the right time, without having to go through a lot of material. Which is why, mobile learning companies are incorporating bite-sized learning modules that are no longer than 5 minutes. This microlearning approach offers quick access to compact lessons to revise or learn a skill on the job.

Engaging learning facility

Mobile learning platforms allow you to represent your learning content in attractive ways, to ensure better retention and recall ability among learners. Mobile learning apps and platforms include formats that can engage the learner in a better way. Videos, animated videos, interactive videos, games, puzzles, etc., are effective ways to improve learning attention.

Interesting design formats to learn from

The incorporation of microlearning modules in M-learning platforms has changed the format of learning and training content delivery. Considering the importance of mobile learning in education, enterprises are using it to offer both formal training on technologies and promote informal learning. Microlearning nuggets can be optimally consumed on mobile learning apps. You can also integrate mobile learning platforms for learning in your overall strategy.

Real-time feedback

Mobile learning systems also offer instant feedback facilities that learners prefer to receive from the institution to assess their knowledge acquisition. With an up to date learning management system, it is easy for learners to access the content you are sharing, understand it, take the assessments, and get instant feedback. So, you can expect a fast and higher course completion rate for your training courses.

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Why Mobile Learning Platforms?

There are multiple reasons behind the fast growth of mobile learning platforms in the eLearning industry.

  • M-learning offers the flexibility to learn from anywhere and anytime, which allows learners to access the learning content at their convenience and learn at their own pace.

  • Mobile learning platforms (MLPs) offer a collaborative learning experience, to ensure cohesiveness right from the training phase.

  • Mobile learning platforms offer interactive media such as images, videos, animations, and even podcasts. It provides greater engagement, learning opportunities, which translates into better retention rates.

  • MLPs offers faster learning and course completion opportunities with bite-sized learning content, even when your learners have short attention spans.

  • Mobile learning platforms can even be integrated with calendars to provide regular pop-up notifications to the learners regarding upcoming courses, updated modules, or reminders related to ongoing courses. So, learners can stay tuned with all updates regarding their tech education modules.

  • Learning management systems adapt to formal training as well as Performance Support.

  • Mobile learning platforms offer multi-device support – any digital touchpoint with an internet connection can be your learning component.

Key takeaways

The evolution of mobile learning platforms has dramatically influenced the eLearning landscape by providing learners fast and easy access to content anywhere and anytime. Besides, mobile learning platforms have provided utmost freedom to learners to attain knowledge in an immersive, engaging, and entertaining way. With an efficient MLP, you can take learning out of the confines of the classroom and allow your learners to take control of their own learning. If you are looking to choose the best mobile learning platform for your organization, you can consider OustLabs, now a part of BetterPlace.

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