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OUST Weekend Workout For Students To Score Higher

As a student, you must most definitely relate to the challenge of studying and performing well at school. From homework assignments to yearly exams – you have a lot on your plate. And, we don’t underestimate the pressure on you even one bit.

This is the reason why we want you all to break the monotony – and give your mind a break!

But, we are not saying you give up studying over the weekend altogether. Indulge in light mental exercises to challenge yourself in a fun way. brings to you some interesting exercises you will definitely enjoying doing. (Psst. They’re going to help you score higher as well!)

General Aptitude


Verbal Reasoning

List of “fun” activities you can do over the weekend:

  1. Exercise! Spend as much time as possible in fresh, open air is the best way to unwind.

  2. Socialize! Go, meet your friends to simply talk to or play a sport with them.

  3. Entertain yourself! Watch a film, listen to music or go to watch a play to relax.

Want to do a mental workout with Oust, download the app right now!

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