OUSTATHON 2015 | What students, teachers and team OUST are saying!

OUSTATHON 2015, the one-of-its-kind mobile challenge that began with lots of zeal and fervor last month is now coming to a close. Sponsored by Rotary E-Club of 3170, Belgaum and Rotary Mysore Midtown, the contest witnessed 100% participation from students of class ninth and tenth. Based on Karnataka syllabus, the Oustathon included three subjects—Math, Science and Social Science.

After covering 16 schools across Mysore and Belgaum including B.K. Model High School and St. Paul’s School in Belgaum and Vijaya Vittala Vidya Shala in Mysore, we confidently conclude that this competition was a great success. The traction has been at an all-time high with the students completely engaged with our Oust app.

Not only this, we have also seen a high interaction level on our Oust’s official Facebook page! The Grand Finale will be held tomorrow, September 19, 2015, with 1 or 2 teams from each school participating in the Live Quiz Show.

Let us take a walk through the enormously crazy yet successful OUSTATHON 2015!


Giving tests on-the-go is a lot of fun!

This breaks the conventional rule of studying at one place. The fact that one can learn, take tests and even compete with his or her peers from anywhere appeals today’s school-going generation. Oustathon was all about giving tests while sitting at any part of the school. Needless to say, all students thought that it was a fun competition!

Mobile learning is here to stay

We met up with a number of students and we are glad to say that each one of them has embraced the idea of learning through their smartphones. This is a phenomenal development in the education sector in India. We are happy to see more and more students getting online to just learn!

Mobile learning is here to stay!

Now compete with peers online

Our mobile learning app enabled students to compete with one another beyond school hours. And no, we are not talking about ‘serious’, friendship-breaking competition. It was more about a healthy and friendly quiz war that we witnessed in the schools that we covered. Moreover, this increased the interaction of students among themselves.

Here’s what Oust app enthusiasts had to say:

“Thank you so much for this helpful app called Oust. It’s been really useful for the students” – Santhosh Kumar

“Amazing app” – Sumanth Karthik

Have a look at what some of our Oustathon participants have to say about the competition:

You can check out all the MADNESS on our official YouTube channel!


100% participation in all schools

We love numbers and we agree that this one’s our favourite! It was so good to see that such a competition engaged students like never before. Yes, there was a lot of enthusiasm among all of them. Yes, they thought that Oustathon was cool!

Which automatically means, that irrespective of which school kids are in, they’re always open to experimentation. And are longing for a change in their monotonous study routines. It’s just a matter of taking technology to them. The wonders they work with it, are beyond everyone’s imagination!

Shrikant Latkar, the Founder of Oust Labs, telling students what the Oustathon has in store for them.

Yes, that’s Team Oust! Totally engrossed with students.

Completely engrossed!

Teachers loved Oustathon too!

Oh, yes! We received a positive feedback to teachers as well who thought that this was a very innovative way to learn. One of the key points that they made was that Oust app ensures that students practice more. And, Oustathon was the perfect medium to let students get a hang of what the ‘new-age’ study sessions mean!

Here’s what Ms. Shanta Naidu, Headmistress, Rotary West High School, Mysore, had to say about Oustathon 2015:

“This is a new concept that we’ve just introduced in our school and I have seen that students are really curious about this. The positive part about this is that Oustathon is more like a game, a quiz where children can gauge how well they’re prepared. The ‘ranking system’ will perhaps make them do a little better. It will be nice if 1 or 2 mark-questions could be included along with simple diagrams in the app as that will help below average students to at least score minimum marks.”

Watch this space for more because Team Oust has a bunch of surprises for you in store!

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