This Is How Micro Learning Affects Behaviour Change

Did you know in 2000, our attention span was 12 seconds and now it is just 8 seconds – which is even lesser than that of a goldfish? In a time and age where the attention span of human beings has reduced considerably, microlearning seems to provide an ideal instructional approach to broaden the overall knowledge base.

Simply put, it is the method of delivering nuggets of information to the learners who don’t have the time to take a lengthy course at one go and want to avoid the risk of getting overwhelmed by large volumes of data.

This on-the-fly learning technique helps the learners advance their educational goal anytime and from anywhere as long as they have the proper resources in place; for instance, internet. Multimedia videos, emailers, e-books are some of the diverse formats of delivering content for learning.


It is in fact that this form of learning has affected the overall behaviour of human beings. Here’s how it has managed to do that:

1. It motivates learners to complete educational goals.

Since micro learning doesn’t throw big chunks of information at the learners but focuses on allowing learners to set goals for themselves and direct their behaviour accordingly. How they choose to consume information is their responsibility – which is a great motivational factor itself!

Thanks to this technique, they are able to break down macro skills into respective snackable content on a platform they most relate to and understand. This makes mastering skills or information an easier process.

2. It increases persistence in activities.

As mentioned earlier, there is a higher control in defining a personalized and flexible learning path for each learner. The information nuggets are made available to the learners at the time of the need or as and when demanded.

The varied formats used to create these nuggets are more likely to match individual learning styles – which makes the entire learning process more fun and interactive! In other words, learners will begin AND complete a learning assignment they actually want to do.

They will not stop until they have finished it properly, even if the learning is halted for a while. The entire process is not as frustrating anymore for them because there is a sense of familiarity in terms of content and the learning format.

3. It affects cognitive processes

Multiple studies (Eccles & Wigfield, 1985; Pintrich & Schunk, 2002; Pugh & Bergin, 2006) suggest motivation is the real factor behind what learners ultimately pay attention to and how they process it and to what effectiveness.

It is believed that learners who are motivated make a synergetic and an interactive effort to understand the study materials – irrespective of surroundings or format of study – to acquire every bit of information properly and to find ways to apply it.

4. It fills learner’s emotional connection

Microlearning games provide a good way to expose learners to things they don’t know about. Showcasing video content that delivers messages that sticks in the mind of the learner is also an option through which microlearning makes an emotional connection with the learner.

See – these emotional connects are created when the learners experience their own “learning gaps”or when a specific bit of content strikes an emotional chord with them.

5. It instills a sense of winning

Of course, it does! This one’s a no-brainer. Rewarding is one of the main aspects of the concept of “gamification”. Mini quizzes, simulations or games allow the learners to earn points or earn badges by competing with fellow learners as and when they complete the different modules of microlearning that make the entire programme.

Over to you

Since the launch of our product early in 2016, we have been in talks with various skill development institutes and corporates regarding microlearning as a cost effective tool to reach out to learners – smart learning and training.

Since companies invest so much on training managers, they often find trouble in delivering simple training programs to distributed employees on ground. Same is the case with students in schools and universities – wherein institutes have not been able to deliver proper training.

E-learning, which converts classroom training content into videos and webinars, is not as effective as classroom training, and hence has not been a success.

The mobile platform provides unparalleled distribution, and with the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, offers an opportunity to highly personalize the learning content for every individual.

The mobile platform when combined with the use of different genres such as movies, music and sports make the learning experience highly engaging. Further, it provides a highly effective way to collect data, analyze feedback and assess skills by making it more fun through simple quizzes, puzzles and more.

At Oust, we are constantly innovating to provide a fully-integrated microlearning platform that offers all bespoke capabilities. We also help our clients to create highly engaging content that leverages our proprietary pedagogy of delivering critical learning outcomes at scale.

Stay tuned for more.

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