Water Conservation Challenge

We are excited to launch a unique challenge to generate awareness on various topics that concern our lives!

In the first of the list we thought it is important to make aware of the water conservation.  Win prizes too!

What you got to do!

  1. Play the challenge in OUST

  2. Click a photograph in your area that encourages water conservation & upload it our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OustLabs

  3. You can upload any number of the pictures


Prizes will be picked on the basis of the topping the leader-board and/or the picture sent.  We want you spread the awareness of the water conservation

Top 3 chosen will prizes in the form of Flipkart/Amazon vouchers

Multiple Ways of Assessing Threats to Water: Supply-Side and Demand-Side Problems

  1. There are both supply-side threats and demand-side threats to water necessary to meet human needs; as T. Boone Pickens has been quoted as saying, “Water is the new oil”

  2. One supply-side threat arises from instances in which we are withdrawing freshwater from surface water sources and groundwater aquifers at rates faster than replenishment or recharge

  3. Another supply-side problem is that even if there is enough water, it is not water that is good enough to meet human needs; much of the world’s fresh water is being degraded

  4. Still another supply-side problem is the fact that distinct from physical water scarcity, there is economic scarcity for the global poor 

  5. One demand-side concern arises from the fact of an increasing number of people on the planet

  6. Another demand-side problem is that high-demand users sometimes are geographically concentrated in regions that cannot sustain demand levels 

  7. Still another demand-side problem arises from technologies that waste more water than alternative technologies

  8. A fourth set of demand-side problems is that demand is often insufficiently restrained because of inadequate price mechanisms and outdated legal rules that set few limits on excessive use

For some detailed general news coverage of water issues, see the 2010 Newsweek story (cover shown in the graphic above), as well as a special issue of National Geographic Magazine in 2010 devoted to a wide range of water issues.

 Also you can refer the following link


Download OUST and get started today!

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  1. Who can participate?

  2. All students  are invited to participate in the Oust

  3. Scoring

  4. There is no negative marking for the questions

  5. Scores are determined based on time taken to answer the question and if the question was answered correctly

  6. Students will know their score as soon as they finish a challenge of 5 questions and in total 10 challenges

  7. Analytics for Students

  8. Students will also have access to their analytics of their performance at the end of the event

  9. Appeal Process or Revaluation

  10. All decisions regarding winners are final and binding and there is no revaluation or appeal process.

  11. What is required to participate in the contest?

  12. Students can only participate in the contest via the Mobile Phone (only Android devices with version 4.0 or higher). Only one entry per person allowed.

  13. Privacy Policy

  14. Oust will be collecting personally identifiable student data of all students registering for this contest

  15. All student data collected during this contest will be owned by Oust Labs

  16. Additional information about privacy at Oust is available at – http://oustmeloadbalancer-1129961392.ap-southeast-1.elb.amazonaws.com/#/privacypolicy

  17. Additional Terms and Conditions

  18. http://oustmeloadbalancer-1129961392.ap-southeast-1.elb.amazonaws.com/#/termsandconditions

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