Why Mobile Learning Apps Are Here To Stay!

It’s a given that students of today’s time have technology at their fingertips. Smartphones, tablets, e-books—you all seem to have them right here, next to you. Mobile phones, especially, have become an irrevocable part of your lives. After all, it’s all about conquering the academics in the 21st century and how!

According to a report published by Forbes India, Indian consumers, on an average, spend 3 hours and 18 minutes on their smartphones on a daily basis. Needless to say, these figures back up the reason for how the education sector in our country is in the process of evolving thanks to the advent of mobile-learning.

So yes, the real turning point of the modern education system in India maybe finally here but the question is how many of you are actually ready to use your phones to learn? If yes, then how? You all may love to carry your phones all the time, browse through them endlessly and take pictures constantly, which is fine.

But has it ever occurred to you that your approach towards m-learning might not be accurate? ‘Are you using the services of your phone and app diligently?’—these are the questions to ponder on. Let us take a look at how mobile apps can help you students in excelling at academics in the smartest way possible:

Self-paced learning

Learning from mobile phones or apps means that you no longer have to sit at one place to study. Thanks to online lessons and reference materials at the tip of your fingers, no matter where you are, there’s now something known as ‘self-paced learning’. On a lighter note, you won’t be able to give excuses such as ‘I was out’, ‘I was travelling’, etc. to evade studies anymore.

With such a positive traction towards the use of mobile phones for educational purposes, we suggest you pick up your phones RIGHT NOW to study!

Cover the syllabus quickly

Yes. Believe it or not, mobile apps such as Oust will help you cover your entire syllabus in a flash! How? By offering you a range of multiple choice questions (MCQs) on subjects such as math, science and social science.

Spend an hour on such tests and cover the syllabus quickly. The best part about such a study method is that you play while you learn. Also since most quizzes on mobile apps are short, your attention span will remain intact, no matter how difficult the quiz is.

Experimental learning

And a more practical approach towards learning, maybe? Of course! Those days are long gone when students used to rote learn all formulae, facts, dates, etc. for their exams, only to forget the crammed information. The ability to retain for a longer period of time increases because of such unconventional ways of learning new information.

In short, lots of educational apps including augmented reality apps are now lending a helping hand to students to not just learn a couple of new things but also experience and genuinely enjoy the ‘power of immersive learning’. So, want to learn a concept in physics? The appropriate app will re-create the concept for you in front of your eyes. The best part is you’ll remember it for days to come and actually understand the real meaning behind it.

Quick information at your disposal

You want to know something real quick, use a mobile learning app! Now, checking facts or consuming fragments of information is easy thanks to m-technology. You are lucky to have quick information at your disposal.

In fact, the change is so quick in terms of browsing through that most people prefer using their phones or logging onto educational apps to learn. With mobile apps, you will be easily able to optimize time, energy and make the most of the resources you literally have in your hands!

It’s true that m-learning has simplified the process of gathering information on anything and everything ever imagined! And with mobile apps, study sessions have never been so interesting, fun or let’s say, planned.

The Gen Z is definitely enjoying the liberty that they get, in terms of studying, with such a mode of education. Don’t believe us? Check out the excitement around OUSTATHON on our Facebook page!

In addition to this, the good part is that even the teachers agree! And they’re making efforts to enhance their teaching methods for the new gen students.

We hope that m-learning becomes an integral feature in not only schools but also colleges and universities everywhere.

It is safe to conclude, ‘studying’ has finally become the new cool and Oust is onboard! 

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